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Philo Sophia

If Power belongs to the People, why are they waiting on public servants to “save” them? If a master is the greater and a servant the lesser, how can the former depend upon the latter for his salvation? A master is dependable; a servant is dependent. A master gives instructions and commands; a servant receives instructions and commands. A master is a leader; a servant, a follower. A master does not protest, petition, and plead with a servant.

Justice is not each man getting what he wants, but each getting what he deserves.
Revolutions happen all the time: in fashion, social trends, technology, and so on. Revolution is not synonymous with confrontation, but catharsis. A catharsis that takes place in the mind, emotions, spiritual body, and perspective of the individual. Real revolutions, in the truest sense of the word–the most powerful ones–do not take place amongst large groups. They take place amongst individuals. A true revolution can only take place from the inside out.

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