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The American People Need Justice

Justice Has Come™ is here to help lift the veil of oppression and re-establish the lawful observance and recognition of constitutionally-protected human rights owing to American citizens.

It is common knowledge that U.S. Courts do not presently administer justice in accordance with fairness and integrity as required by the Law, being that the U.S. Constitution  is frequently given little to no regard with respect to the proper treatment of Americans and our human rights secured by the Founding Fathers. Why is this? Simple: rights and freedoms require knowledge.

According to President Thomas Jefferson, ignorance and freedom cannot coexist:


Justice Has Come™ is a Law-abiding organization created to facilitate the implementation of Justice as intended by the Country’s Founders. Though not promoted by the “mainstream” media and others who stand to gain from Americans’ ignorance, JHC works to reawaken and inform the American Public on the species and legal character of the unalienable rights–also known as Human Rights— promised them in the Declaration of Independence and secured from encroachment by state and federal constitutions, as well as educate on the lawfully valid methodologies that can be employed to protect said rights.

Vive “Law” Révolution!

“Jailbreak” of 2010: The Beginning of an American Revolution

After I was accused of orchestration and involvement in an elaborate “jailbreak” scheme in 2010, there was a slew of ostensible news stories regarding what was alleged to have happened. At that time, I was shocked at the horrid picture that had been inaccurately painted of me. They attempted to portray me as a career criminal, or some sort of hooligan thug–neither of which I have ever been.

Mrs. Tamah Jada Clark 2010 Mugshot

Arrested and held without any charges for 3 days.

I was never even sent to the principal’s office as a child in school, let alone had I ever been in any trouble for anything, at all, ever before. To the contrary, I was the exact OPPOSITE of a career criminal; I was considered a model student and child by my school teachers, college advisors, friends, family–and the community in general. Honestly, a lot of people considered me to be a “little miss goody two-shoes”; and of course, the least likely person to ever be in trouble for anything.

I grew up in Arlington, VA where, as child, I did all the things that fortunate, well-behaved suburban kids do: play on a few sports teams, make good grades, play an instrument, participate in charity events, etc. For instance:

I began playing the violin in elementary school and continued through college. As a child, with the school orchestra, every single year of middle and high school, I traveled the country to compete in various orchestral competitions that our wonderful school music teacher had been so gracious to arrange in our behalf, for our extra-curricular enrichment; and thanks to our incredible, loving, and dedicated director, we won competition after competition–and brought home trophy after trophy.

I began learning French in middle school and went on to elect French as one of my college majors– the pursuit of which, led me to travel to France (summer 2004), Martinique (summer 2005), and the Middlebury School of Language (summer 2007).

In the summer of 2003, I was chosen to be a student ambassador to Paraguay. This is how I initially began learning Spanish, which would later become the second of my three college majors–French and International Studies being the other two. In pursuit of Spanish immersion, I backpacked through Spain (summer 2004); and, I spent a 6-month college semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina (summer-winter 2006), during which time I attended school at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina and Universidad de Buenos Aires simultaneously, 100% in Spanish.

When I graduated from high school in 2004, I graduated with the highest honor available to high school students around the world: the International Baccalaureate Diploma. In fact, I was one of only two “brown” students to earn an IB diploma in my hometown of Arlington, VA, and I graduated Summa Cum Laude (with a gpa above 3.8) . Because of this, I had several college credits going into undergraduate, as I had began taking college classes in high school. Due to exemplary college preparation in high school, I was able to exempt a significant number of college courses as well.

I began college in the Fall of 2004, where I continued to be an honor roll student, showing up on the Dean’s List each semester. In addition, I partook of a vast array of extra-curricular activities and honor societies so extensive that I will not take the time to list them.

The funny thing about media outlets is that they tend to print and publicize allegations in a manner that insinuates validity where there may very well be none at all. They are permitted to circulate accusations without any form of substantiation, proof, etc.; and, the stories are usually one-sided and are most often in favor of “the authorities”, government, or the super wealthy.

Shamefully, they are seldom held responsible to an extent that is commensurate with the emotional, mental, and financial damage that their “news stories” oftentimes cause. This is what has become of American “justice”: it tends to fall in favor of muscle or money. This brings me to the heart of my message and the reason for my reemergence at the present time.

Speaks for itself.

Speaks for itself.

Let me start by saying that I am not “anti-government”, “pro-anarchy”, or anything else crazy. I am just pro-justice and like an intelligent, thinking being: I believe that when something stops working properly as intended, then it needs to be reformed accordingly; not completely done away with, just made to revolve around the will of the People for and by whom it exists.  I think that only makes sense. Right? Anyhow, despite the ruckus and high tensions surrounding the above-mentioned media spectacle,  there was actually a lot of good that came out of the entire situation. Though it is disgusting how police officers, judges, news reporters, and other spin artists will go to exceedingly disreputable lengths to accomplish objectives that are not always consistent with justice, the situation gave me the opportunity to see and witness things that I would not have otherwise believed had I not have been there myself. For instance:

I was unlawfully arrested by officers of the Camilla Police Department (without jurisdictional authority to do so) and held at the Camilla Police Department until an officer from the Pelham Police Department could arrive to “re-arrest” me “lawfully” and take me to the Pelham Police Department. Mind you, I was NOWHERE near any prisons, jails, or anything else, despite the disinformation released by “law enforcement”; I was in a completely different city altogether. And furthermore, everything in my possession was 100% legal–such as my firearms, which were all registered in my full legal name.

Once at Pelham PD, the re-arresting officer placed me in solitary confinement and threatened that I would “never see the light of day” if I did not corroborate his absurd accusations against me.  He said I was facing “a litany of charges”, but at NO point had ANYONE even told me why I had been stopped in the first place. And of course, no one ever even made mention of any rights to remain silent, avoid self-incrimination, make a phone call etc. Instead, that same Pelham officer used idiotic “good cop bad cop” interrogation methods to try to get me to admit to ridiculous allegations, while unknowingly being recorded on a hidden tape recorder.

I was unlawfully held in solitary confinement for three days, until a close relative called around to discover my whereabouts and the coercive fraud that so-called law enforcement officials were attempting to levy against me. They had been holding me there unlawfully, as an undocumented hostage, attempting to use mental and emotional torture on me. I had been there without ever being “booked-in”; so technically, there was no record of my being there because they had not finger printed me, taken any “mugshots”, or completed any paper work regarding me until a close relative found me. (See link below).

Mrs. Tamah Jada Clark 2010 Inmate Request Form

I was then immediately removed from the Pelham Police Department and taken to the Mitchell County Detention facility–because I was never supposed to have been taken from the City of Camilla to the City of Pelham–wherefrom I was released shortly thereafter. (Camilla and Pelham are both in Mitchell County, GA, which is why they attempted to hurry up and place me there–to make it appear as though I had not been illegally arrested and detained in the first place, though I had.)

During all of the commotion, I came into contact with person after person–far less fortunate and educated than I– whose story was the epitome of INJUSTICE. The words corrupt, sadistic,  fraudulent, and wtf do not begin to describe what I witnessed.  I was in utter disbelief of the things that take place every day on the “darkside” of politics and legal systems. Again, I come from a middle-class suburban family, from one of the most wealthy and educated cities/counties (Arlington, VA) in the country. For this reason, certain things had just never been a part of my reality and I truly just did not know that the pervading “darkside” of colorable law and politics exists.

I literally grew up, up the street from the CIA headquarters (10 minutes away), Capitol Hill (5 minutes away), FBI headquarters (5 minutes away), etc. My childhood friends and peers were the children of CIA, FBI, Capitol Hill, and United Nations employees such as ambassadors, congressmen, World Bankers, secret servicemen, etc. I never had any reason to doubt the integrity or “friendliness” of law enforcement, because I grew up in the midst of the country’s law enforcement epicenter–where there is an endless supply of “lollipops” and “gumdrops” for all! But of course, life in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area is not an accurate portrayal of reality at all, because everything is filtered through rose-colored glass; I grew up in a well-funded, picture-perfect BUBBLE!

It was not until I got to the DIRTY south that I experienced, first-hand, the atrocious miscarriage of justice that has become a part of too many people’s every day life. The harsh reality is this: there is a lot of corruption, injustice, sadism, bigotry, exploitation and manipulation that recklessly and relentlessly aims to suppress and oppress for the purpose of financial gain. The main victims of this are the poor, orphaned, and less-educated members of society, because most of them have nothing and no one to come to their defense when they are targeted as “easy prey”–until now: JusticeHasCome.com .

I suppose it would technically be incumbent upon me to follow the path upon which I was placed early on in life; the path to working for the U.S. Federal Government in some form or capacity–whether by and through the CIA, FBI, Foreign Services, Department of Justice, or any of my other suitors. But I want to do what is right, which we all know does not always coincide with the U.S. Govt’s agenda. Oh well…

This halo and angel wings combo matches my outfit, for sure. Thanks, Adam!

This halo and angel wings combo matches my outfit, for sure. Thanks, Adam!

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